Pay in Installments

Offer your clients a 'Pay in Installment' option to reach a larger target market. You get paid on delivery, we manage the repayment for you.

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Focus on <br> your business
Focus on <br> your business

Focus on
your business

While you are doing your business like no-one else can. We streamline your finances; payment in instalments, loans or direct payment. 

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What we offer


Pay in instalments

Buy now, pay later. Clear instalment plan and reminders. Integrate this payment option at your webshop check-out!

Simple loan requests

Send loan request to your peers, MFI, loan groups or supplier.

Get Paid

Finally a simple overview of everyone who owes you money. Automated registration of loans reminders and debt collection.

Manage group loans

Provide loans to groups or manage your Chama finances.

What can we do for you?

Learn more about Sevi's loan management services and how they can support you to grow your business.


Efficient and affordable loan management services for e-commerce, credit providers and businesses.

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